A Unique Store Map

With your next travel coming up, maybe a good chance to discover new brands and visit unique stores.

If you go to established retail destinations like New York, London or Paris you may want to test a few new destinations? Or do prefer exploring places off the beaten track like Muscat, Kuching or Weil am Rhein instead? We have it all in stock. Either way, we’re here point you towards some of the most interesting unique stores in brand retail around the globe.

We have contributed to the creation of many unique stores, assessed 1000+ stores from the inside, and financially annalzyed 10,000+ stores across the globe. There are bad, good and excellent looking stores. Some are commercially successful, some are a great consumer experience, and others are just marketing expenses. Be it ‘flagships’, ‘lighthouses’, ‘high street showrooms’, ‘community stores’, ‘full price stores’, ‘future stores’, ‘factory outlets’, ‘concession stores’, ‘brand experience store’, … or any of the other creative terms, the essence of good brand retail is only one thing: Present a brand in unique store, create sales and a long lasting consumer impression.

With our regularly updated collection of unique stores, we offer you a very personal selection, and hopefully inspiration for your next trip and own brand retail concept planning.

Please help us to grow this list by suggesting more unique brand stores or those you’d like us to review.

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