Unique Brand Store Map

‘Flagships’, ‘lighthouses’, ‘High Street showrooms’, ‘community stores’, ‘full price stores’, ‘future stores’, ‘factory outlets’, ‘concession stores’, ‘brand experience store’, … and many more creative terms have been invented by the brand industry for one and the same thing: a showcase to represent the brand that creates sales and profits.

We have contributed to the creation of unique brand store concepts, reviewed more than 1000 stores from the inside and analysed the financials of 10,000+ stores across the globe. If there is one thing we take away from these experiences, it is that there are bad, good and excellent looking stores. Some are thriving and profitable, some have huge marketing expenses. In the end, it all comes down to one big question: how strong a brand do you want to create and how commercial will it be?

With this map, we offer a personal selection of what we think is most relevant and interesting in brand retail today. Our selection demonstrates the beauty and diversity of our favourite projects. Please join us to discover our retail globe both virtually and in reality, to see what we see and get inspired like we do.


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