The Sanssouci Flagship Store

10 days to Christmas and the brand retail world out there has turned into the same frenzy as every year. Why not distract yourself for a few minutes with my vision for the next potential location of your flagship store expansion?

Right in Sanssouci castle in Potsdam, Germany you will find more than enough space to open your flagship store (unless UNESCO already plans to open one). A recent business trip brought me to the area and allowed me to explore this cultural highlight near Berlin, with its wide selection of castles, parks and gardens. My impressions on that chilly Monday morning inspired this post in all its glorious absurdity. Bear with me and have fun! (click the arrows in the photo sliders)

Did you know that Sanssouci reaches 1.800 daily visitors in summer? And there is no competition of other brands to speak of; your conversion rate is likely to top that of all your other stores. Cross-selling, however, may prove somewhat more difficult.

If you’re more into expanding to B-locations, the ‘New Palace’ in Potsdam could be the place for you instead. It’s quite a walk away from Sanssouci, possibly making it worth exploring as a prospective second Potsdam location to present your sub-brand:

About the author:

Alexander usually is a little more serious but always motivated to inspire the retail world to more radicalism. He is currently working as managing director in cultural retail clusters and is regularly booked as a speaker with his Slowretail ideas. You are invited to visit his other posts here or get in touch via LinkedIn.

All photos: © Alexander von Keyserlingk, Brand Experts

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