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Online Trends 2019: E-commerce is Going Brick & Mortar

Fair warning: this article on online trends is ill-suited for e-commerce managers. Out of the echo chamber, you may find that you are turning into the brick & mortar retailer you never wanted to be.

It’s been a year since my move to Berlin, one of the top five global start-up capitals, and the e-commerce hype is still going strong all around. But there is also a new realism sinking in as the ‘weather paradigm’ arrives online.


Driving Brand Growth with Private Equity

Brand private equity investments have increased, but not all have been success stories. How can PE and brands work together successfully?

Over the last couple of years, brand private equity (PE) investments have increased strongly. Brand investments were very attractive, PE investors had a positive influence, but not all PE investments have been success stories. From my experience as a CFO in that environment, I’d like to share some learnings on how brands can grow successfully with private equity. (more…)