Society Needs your Engagement

Dear Brand Growth Inspiration readers,

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We decided to suspend our regular distribution of growth inspiration to allow everyone to focus on what is most important at this time: to care for friends, neighbours, family and society.

While growth isn’t a top priority at this time, how we manage in a crisis may be. That’s why we will continue to publish pieces that may help you cope with the ongoing challenges or provide a little distraction from the flow of difficult news.

We’ll begin by pointing you to three contributions from our archives that help you get through the tough times ahead. Stay healthy, engage, share us and share other thought pieces to inspire the the Brand Industry.

Your Brand Growth Inspiration Team

Community Matters

(Photo: Rapha)

Stores are closed and online sales may suffer from an anxious consumer sentiment. The economic development will impact your sales, but you can grow your brand fan base. While people are online more than ever, you can grow brand loyalty if you find ways to engage your community for a good cause. We shared Rapha’s best practice in that field.

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Turnaround needs Management

(Photo: Brand Pilots)

If you think Corona is another setback to the struggles you were already experiencing, take a look at the LEGO story. Learn how you can come out on the other side as a new best practice growth story with excellent turnaround management.

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Learn Zero Base Budgeting

Brand Growth Planning

(Graphic: Brand Pilots)

Once we reopen stores and go back to work, we can forget our previous planning and will have to start from zero. It does not take much to forecast that “Zero Base Budgeting” will become one of the most popular business practices this year. You may want to start studying the processes and tools today.

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