Special Edition: Processes & Operations for Retail Managers

While everyone talks about  growing online sales, offline retail still makes up the vast majority of consumption. This special edition offers inspiration and guidance on processes & operations for retail managers in this context.

E-commerce managers and financial investors can be quick in labelling your stores as part of the so-called ‘old economy’. But today, retail still stands for 85% of all consumption and offers many opportunities to create superior consumer experiences and be commercially successful. As many brands and retailers have shown, a great brick and mortar store can grow far more profitable that online sales.

Have you ever wondered how to do just that? Or, are you looking for examples of highly successful retail processes and operations? We have curated three pieces of inspiration that approach the question from different angles. Have a look and share with your network!

1. How UGG Creates the Perfect Day

Process & Operations for Retail Managers

Thanksgiving in the US, Christmas in Europe, or simply next Saturday: high traffic days define the brand store operations winners. Here’s how best practice retailers prepare for the ultimate day.

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2. What’s to Like (for Like)?

Processes & Operations for Retail Managers

In times of cross channel sales, how much sense does it make to manage retail operation with like for like performance? Two experts debate the pros and cons of like for like retail performance measurement for you.

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3. How to Create Great Retail Windows

Processes & Operations for Retail Managers

Retail windows are a retailer’s most exposed advertising space. Unfortunately they often miss their commercial potential. We’ve had 24 thoughts on how to create a high-performance windows that balance branding with sales.

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