Post Covid: Best Read in Brand and Retail

22,144 readers, 3 new authors, updates from China, India and Europe, and 14 greatly diverse posts. It is great to be back with our best quarter ever. Thank you to all for contributing, reading and promoting. Post Covid, the best read in brand and retail.

We are living in-between most interesting times

As we wrap up our post-lockdown publishing, we realise the industry mood is somewhat in-between. In-between first and second lockdown. In-between a return to office or of stay at home office for good. In-between going on international travel or staying put. Slowly we start to see, in-between could be the new normal for some time to come.

Office work, travel, brick and mortar shopping – it will come back. Only what is not clear is when and how. Until then, we’re keeping ourselves motivated with the thought “everything will be alright” and Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

It seems Darwin knew something about (retail) evolution (source:


Best read in brand and retail: an industry adapting

Inspiration for adaption we shared a lot last quarter and going by the received feedback we were on the right track. In case you missed the best read in brand and retail, you may catch up with a look at our quarterly highlights.


Everything Will Be Alright Dear Brand & Retail Industry

This motivational piece from the blog’s curator is more true than ever today. ‘Andrà tutto bene’: everything will be alright. That for sure will happen. If you’re looking for the energy to move forward, dive in here. 

By Guido Schild




Diversity & Inclusion Are Vital to Business Recovery

Diversity and inclusion is a long-term passion of Nicole, and now it’s ours too. As crisis hits companies, diversity and inclusion are the first topics at risk of slipping off the radar and losing funding. In 2020 that is a big strategic mistake, because most consumers don’t like if people are left behind when they’re needed most for a brand’s recovery, resilience, and innovation.

By Nicole Shephard


4 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Marketplace and Wholesale Business

Marketplace and wholesale business benefit from each other. As we see in this post, offering four ways to overcome your budget limitations and become your own selling hero.

By Valerie Dichtl



Clothing Rental Subscriptions: Will Leasing Surpass Buying?

What if someone told you that clothing rental subscriptions are the next big thing? That they will take a 20% market share in 15 years? More and more industries are moving from buying to leasing subscription models. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of leasing versus owning your wardrobe.

By Maximilian Gellert


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