The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

How are these snapshots for a future in brand distribution?

“2025 retail rents will be like 2020 flight routes: back to the 1980s.” “The future is social commerce, digital market places are an interim hype, for brand industry’s e-com latecomers.” “In five years, an office workspace and business travel will be recruiting incentives.” “Grandpa tells me, his company used to pay him for sourcing travel to adventurous rural locations.”

If you think that’s outrageous, how did your 2020 forecasts from around this time last year pan out?

Let’s face it, we all failed spectacularly at forecasting, so nobody should claim to know now. But 1000 minds may create a pretty good understanding. Or did you see it coming that future restaurants past 2020 could look like this one in London?

If this is the future of post-covid dining, what will retail look like? (Photo: designboom)

The Future in Brand Distribution: What We Are Looking For

We believe the creative perspective of a 1000 minds will create a quite accurate picture of what the future in brand distribution can be. If you work in online or offline brand distribution, you have perspective that can contribute to our quest: In search for 1000 Minds.

You cannot stay anchored safely forever. Disruption is taking place and how you interpret it depends on the brand’s organisation and leadership.” Marco Bizzarri, CEO Gucci, Nov 2020

We open Brand Growth Inspiration for a dialogue and are interested on your personal beliefs about the future in brand distribution, be it e-com, retail, wholesale or services, what can will happen to our industry?

You can contribute by commenting in in our online survey  and share your perspective.

Whether you want to share your perspective public or private, it only takes 15 minutes if you want this quick.

Alternatively we invite to a digital dialogue with one of our team members from brand marketing, sales,, retail, sourcing, strategy or finance.  Pick a date for quick digital coffee

Future in Brand Distribution

Alternatively you express specific topic of interest and we bring you together with with brand industry expert from Asia, Europe or US.

In any case, help to spread the word and inspiration by inviting others to join for a most colourful picture of the future in brand distribution.

In search of a 1000 minds,

Your Brand Growth Inspiration team


Brand Growth Inspiration is an independent, ad-free industry dialogue platform initiated in 2016 by leaders working in the lifestyle brand industry. Managers from around the world have now teamed up to start this dialogue. Help by contributing!

2 thoughts on “The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

  1. Coen Duetz says:

    Amazing on one hand and on the other hand probably the largest disruption mankind has ever seen…
    The biggest challenge though is, how to take people on to this journey , where they are not only threathened by getting jobless, but fully meaningless…
    This is a big dilemma…

  2. Norbert Steinke says:

    A big disruption – yes, certainly. The biggest – no!! Remember how changes in ways of transportation has disrupted the world in the last centuries. From living in your small village and being able to walk to the neighboring village and back over using horses, wheels, steam, motors, planes, resulting in new horizons, new ideas and again new technologies – starting allover again. And there are more examples of technology changing the world. If I compare the shift from retail to online and the equilibrium which it will finally result in – no big deal. One just has to swim with the tide.

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