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We’ve come a long way from early computer networks to the networked world we operate in today. The brand and retail industry may have been a late bloomer, but the past decade or so has seen a veritable explosion of developments in digital distribution.

October 29 marked the 50th anniversary of ARPANET, an experimental project for which computer scientists at BBN Technologies pioneered the then-novel idea of joining computers to a network. Fast-forward a few decades, and the internet (more or less) as we know it was born.

When the internet made its public appearance in the 1990s, many brands and retailers were only lightly invested in the new techonlogies. It’s only the past ten years or so that have significantly shaken the industry and new digital channels of communication and distribution emerged. Direct to consumer, digital wholesale, platform distribution and many other terms emerged, all referring to new ways of creating brand experience and selling using digital means of distribution.

Our contributors have been at the forefront of these trends and developments. This special edition brings together our three favourite articles that cover topics in digital distribution from online customer acquisition, to digital marketplaces, and delivery drones.

Online Customer Acquisition: Challenges and Opportunities for Brands

digital distribution online customer acquisition

Building a successful e-commerce business requires an outstanding online customer acquisition strategy, especially when competing against giant platforms like Amazon or Zalando. How can brands leverage their own strengths to their advantage?

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Selling on Marketplaces: Are Your Processes Ready?

KPIs in Digital Marketplace Distribution

Marketplaces are by far the most significant digital direct-to-consumer distribution channel. Get ready for the KPIs in digital marketplace distribution to measure whether your brand is prepared to meet ever more demanding end-consumer needs.

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Will Instant Drone Delivery Take Off in 2019?

Digital Distribution Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery

Delivery by drone has already been getting a lot of media buzz for the past couple of years. This article explores the latest developments on drone delivery and what’s at stake from consumer and industry perspective.

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