Recovery Scenarios for the Brand & Retail Industry

While the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over, our 2021 has started on a constructive note with many contributors sharing their insights on what recovering from this crisis could look like across the brand and retail industry.

What will an exacerbated push to online retail do to our local shopping streets and how we use them? How will store design continue to evolve? What new business models and innovative approaches to distribution will help the retail sector recover? Explore our curated selection of recent articles to find out and participate in our study about the future of brand distribution.

store design covid recovery scenarios

Store Design Evolution

Retail as we know it is dead. But there is hope for brands that place the human at the centre of their world, and design plays an important role for the future store. By Ales Kernjak

shopping street covid recovery scenarios

Rethinking the Shopping Street

Shopping in dedicated shopping streets is in declline. How can we rethink the purpose of these streets and how we use them? By Christoph Berendes

post covid recovery business models

New Business Models for Recovery

How retailers and landlords reinvent themselves, pivot, and repurpose to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.
By John Ensminger

covid recovery scenarios

Innovative Distribution Models

Innovative distribution models help retailers survive the lockdowns and new players to disrupt markets. By Heike Blank

covid recovery scenarios research

1000 Minds Research Project

Some of our contributors joined forces and launched a research project that feels the pulse of professionals on the future of brand distribution. Participate here, or read a first glimpse of results here. By Guido Schild

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