8 Excellent Weekend Reads for Brand Growth Strategy

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In case you missed one of the valuable posts, here’s our bespoke selection of best weekend read for you. Why not pick two to peruse for your list of brand strategy reading.

The Uber Way of Wholesale Buying – Tommy’s New Digital Showroom

Investing in wholesale processes was not a brand industry priority over the last few years. Tommy Hilfiger prioritized it though and created wholesale buying best practice by Guido Schild.

Suitsupply Austin Store (photo: Suitsupply)

Suitsupply – Achieving Brand Growth Through Courage, Innovation and Passion

The young Dutch brand for formal men’s wear wins globally by combining European tailoring culture with modern lifestyle. A fan report by Alexander von Keyserlingk.

Digital Brand Distribution

Brand Distribution via Digital Marketplaces – What Business Model is Right for You?

Digital Distribution via marketplaces requires new skills. You need to be clear about your digital B2C readiness to decide how to best execute by Christoph Berendes

Digital Transformation


The Digital Age Needs Digital Leadership

If you look into the digital market, you will notice that there are no German or even European big players in the digital commerce business by Christoph Mause.


A 'regular' Indian highstreet (Photo: India Today)Brand Distribution India – is the Country Finally Catching Up?

How to find a realistic assessment of the country’s brand distribution potential for international brands aiming to expand into India by Isabell Guidastri.

Brand Growth Strategy

Lululemon vs Under Armour: Barbie vs Ken or Qualitative Brand Growth

In the competitive sporting goods industry, not many brands succeed in reaching the top, but Lululemon and Under Armour have by Andreas Klotz.


Retail Lease Management in Stormy Weather

Retail Management without a Lease Controlling is like sailing in a storm but leaving some of the navigation tools at home by Urban Plattes.


Converse Shanghai (Photo: Heike Blank)

How to Drive International Expansion Without Escalating Complexity

Meta description preview: Customize or standardize your business model and to what extent? This is the most important question when starting international expansion by Heike Blank


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