Brand & Retail Management Must Reads

Keep up to date with our round-up of brand and retail management must reads! Discover the latest trends in drone delivery, assortment and marketplace KPIs, omnichannel retail, and concessions!

Time and again, our contributors share their expertise on a wide range of current trends across the brand and retail industry. Our curated quarterly selection includes their latest brand and retail management insights. What are the latest developments in drone delivery? Are retail concessions taking over wholesale distribution? How to determine optimal assortment size? What do consumers expect on digital market places? And, what does omnichannel best practice really look like? Find answers to all of these questions in our picks.

retail management must read

Is Building Retail Concessions Still Only the Second Best Multibrand Distribution?

How do retail concessions hold up as alternative to wholesale distribution in department stores?
By Roosmarijn de Rooij

retail management must read

Will Instant Drone Delivery Take Off in 2019?

Drone delivery gets a lot of media buzz. Explore the latest developments and what’s at stake from consumer and industry perspective.
By Maximilian Gellert

retail management must read

Optimal Retail Space: How Big Should Your Assortment Be?

Read all about a simple method to determine assortment size for retailers with several stores in comparable locations.
By Heike Blank

retail management must read

Are You Ready For These Digital Marketplace Distribution KPIs?

Are your processes ready to cope with demanding end-consumer needs on the largest digital D2C distribution channel?
By Christoph Berendes

retail management must read

Scan, Shop, Go – Omnichannel Best Practice Retail Made in Germany

Fashion retailer Bonprix has opened a world-class omnichannel best-practice store in Hamburg.
By Hagen Seidel

We hope you enjoy our brand and retail management must-read selection and learn something new along the way.

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