6 Retail & Brand Management Reading Favourites

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If you are like us, you may not always have found as much quality reading time as you’d like. Here’s your chance to catch up! We’ve curated six recent reader favourites, inspiration guaranteed:

brand management reading

E-Commerce Platforms: Challenges & Opportunities for Brands

How worried should brands be about the large platforms that dominate digital distribution? By Thomas Schwartz-Dreyfus

brand management reading

What’s in It for You? VF’s Icebreaker Acquisition

A deep dive into the challenges and opportunities behind VF’s acquisition of Icebreaker – for the brand, its new owner, and the consumer. By Heike Blank

Brand management reading

How a Store Became an Art Installation

Individual retail becomes an iconic brand worthy of conservation and moves, literally, to a museum. By Alexander von Keyserlingk

Brand management reading

Yes, the Italian Market Is on the Rise Again!

Thinking about expanding to Italy? Find out what has been happening in Italy to indicate a revival of the Italian retail market. By Isabell Guidastri

Brand management reading

The Rise of Shopping Centre M&As!

In a recent flurry of shopping centre Merger & Acquisition activity, more bigger groups take hold. By Ken Gunn

brand management reading

Engaging Associates: Best Practice Retail Operations at Polo Ralph Lauren

Take a deep dive into how new technologies can help you improve associate engagement across hierarchies and locations. By Guido Schild

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