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Perhaps you’ve recently asked yourself which location might be the right one to expand your business to? Are you thinking about a partnership for expansion? Or do you need advice on driving sales per ticket? The following articles will provide you with answers to these questions.

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How Hidden Becomes Hip

Marais, Notting Hill or Nine Streets: before international lifestyle brands made these areas hip, they were just normal city neighborhoods. Alexander von Keyserlingk’s post shows you ‘Six Insider Retail Spots for Brand Expansion in Germany‘.

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Italy

Italy – ‘New’ retail destination for international brands? There are good reasons for global powerhouses to grow in this market and a variety of ways to do so.  Find out more in Isabell Guidastri’s post ‘Italy – Attractive Retail Destination for International Brands‘.

The Secret of Partner Retail

Sharing information is crucial for brands that operate partner retail. Which information is key, and how can we encourage retail partners to share it? What should you know about your partner’s business? And how can you get this valuable information? Heike Blank’s post ‘Partner Retail Transparency‘ gives answers.

Units per Ticket at brand footwear stores are specialy challenged

The Cross Channel Challange

In times of decreasing store footfall and sales, brand retailers focus on driving L4L strategies. Find out how to drive sales per ticket in Guido Schild’s post ‘Units Per Ticket Below 1: Get Effective in Cross Channel

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