Brand Retail

Brand retail is colourful and commercially challenging, and we share success stories as well as what it takes to become successful. Brand retail includes all store formats from high street flagship stores, to factory outlets, or unique independent stores.  In our brand retail category, we share expertise gained from growing and managing different kinds of retail ventures and analyse how stores perform, both commercially and brand-wise.

Ship From Store: Omnichannel Best Practice?

More and more brands are now shipping from store. Could ship from store be an option for you? This article explores the benefits and cost. ….. click for more inspiration

Used Clothing: Changing the Paradigm for Business and the Environment

Leading apparel brands are tackling the challenge of recycling used clothing, helping to solve a major environmental issue while capitalising on a growing business opportunity. ….. click for more inspiration

Cheese Please! A Lesson in Brand Building

How to turn cheese from an every-day commodity into a sought-after lifestyle brand? Join us for a brand building lesson with Cheese & More by Henri Willig. ….. click for more inspiration

How US Brick & Mortar Stores Can Survive in the Digital Age

Brick and mortar in the digital age: learn how Nike, Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) and other leading retailers thrive despite the ongoing retail shakeout in the United States. ….. click for more inspiration

Holzmarkt: Retailing Berlin Style

Ready for your trip to Berlin? If you want an authentic taste of Berlin, be sure to stop by this great retail insider tip: Berlin Holzmarkt, in the former East of the city. ….. click for more inspiration

Growth in Saturated Markets: Dreams in Chocolate and Ice Cream!

Selling chocolate in Europe is tough because growth in saturated markets is tough. Three case studies show how chocolate manufacturers grow successfully by diversifying their assortment. ….. click for more inspiration

How Important is Diversity for Successful Retail?

Research shows that diversity and inclusion make businesses more successful. Diversity in retail matters across leadership, workforce, workplace culture, marketing as well as from a consumer perspective. ….. click for more inspiration

Inspirational Business Model for Omni Channel Retail

The need for constant innovation in retail is a call to action. I’d love to motivate retailers to execute their innovative spirit with simple acts of creativity. One option is to develop your customers’ new favourite place, spaces where the community meets to share common passions in a relaxed atmosphere while experiencing brands and their product offerings. ….. click for more inspiration

Culinary Treats & Shopping

The way to a customer’s heart is through their stomach! Culinary treats have the potential to increase conversion rates and average ticket size for retailers. Success isn’t guaranteed, but these factors significantly reduce the risk of failure. ….. click for more inspiration

Growth Market Cruises: Where Are the Brand Co-Operations?

The cruise industry is growing constantly, and those taking a cruise are mostly affluent potential buyers of lifestyle products. Why are brands not tapping this booming market for their own growth yet? ….. click for more inspiration

The Best Job in Brand Management – Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness

Feeling a little unhappy with your current job situation? Look no further, Freitag is recruiting an Executive Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness! ….. click for more inspiration

The Local Customisation of International Lifestyle Brands

The growing consumer trend of individualisation is counteracted by the global uniformity of international players. What can international lifestyle brands do to benefit from local customisation? ….. click for more inspiration

Goats on a Roof! And What’s Your USP?

As far as unique selling points (USP) go, goats on a roof are pretty unique. And this offline-only retail location on Vancouver Island has turned goats into a long-term success story without selling a single goat. ….. click for more inspiration

Vacation Retail Treasure Hunt

Summertime is travel time. Here’s some quick inspiration for exciting stores to visit on your trip: 150 Concept Stores worldwide in a map and list. ….. click for more inspiration

Dior, Bihor & A Free Business Idea for You

Dior copies a traditional Romanian jacket – and is called out for plagiarism by local creators who launch their own collection Bihor Couture in response. ….. click for more inspiration

The Paul Smith Store in Berlin

Paul Smith has just opened his first Berlin store, and it wouldn’t be Paul Smith (or Berlin) if the store and its location were just ordinary. ….. click for more inspiration

Back to the Colors at 83 – Happy Birthday Luciano Benetton!

Benetton Group co-founder Luciano Benetton celebrated his 83rd birthday on Sunday, a few weeks after reinstating himself as executive chairman of his brand. A signal of hope in fashion-wise overburdened times. ….. click for more inspiration

Offline Retail: Get Out of the Comfort Zone!

An open letter to all offline retailers who need to attract new customers in the face of growing online competition (if you’re not too tired for a pillow fight). ….. click for more inspiration

Best Practice Brand Retail Flagship made in Berlin

A unique brand story and proof that an excellent retail flagship balances branding with commercial interests. ….. click for more inspiration