Unique Retail

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Retail has become a strong channel to communicate a brand’s products and values. In this part of the blog, Alexander & friends review brand retail in its many forms. Alexander will share common and unique brand stores and assess from an outside perspective how the stores perform, commercially and brand-wise.

The Best Job in Brand Management – Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness

Feeling a little unhappy with your current job situation? Look no further, Freitag is recruiting an Executive Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness! ….. click for more inspiration

The Local Customisation of International Lifestyle Brands

The growing consumer trend of individualisation is counteracted by the global uniformity of international players. What can international lifestyle brands do to benefit from local customisation? ….. click for more inspiration

Goats on a Roof! And What’s Your USP?

As far as unique selling points (USP) go, goats on a roof are pretty unique. And this offline-only retail location on Vancouver Island has turned goats into a long-term success story without selling a single goat. ….. click for more inspiration

Vacation Retail Treasure Hunt

Summertime is travel time. Here’s some quick inspiration for exciting stores to visit on your trip: 150 Concept Stores worldwide in a map and list. ….. click for more inspiration

Dior, Bihor & A Free Business Idea for You

Dior copies a traditional Romanian jacket – and is called out for plagiarism by local creators who launch their own collection Bihor Couture in response. ….. click for more inspiration

The Paul Smith Store in Berlin

Paul Smith has just opened his first Berlin store, and it wouldn’t be Paul Smith (or Berlin) if the store and its location were just ordinary. ….. click for more inspiration

Back to the Colors at 83 – Happy Birthday Luciano Benetton!

Benetton Group co-founder Luciano Benetton celebrated his 83rd birthday on Sunday, a few weeks after reinstating himself as executive chairman of his brand. A signal of hope in fashion-wise overburdened times. ….. click for more inspiration

Offline Retail: Get Out of the Comfort Zone!

An open letter to all offline retailers who need to attract new customers in the face of growing online competition (if you’re not too tired for a pillow fight). ….. click for more inspiration

Best Practice Brand Retail Flagship made in Berlin

A unique brand story and proof that an excellent retail flagship balances branding with commercial interests. ….. click for more inspiration

How A Store Became an Art Installation

Store art: individual retail becomes an iconic brand worthy of conservation. How German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann’s former shop is transformed into an art installation at Munich’s Lenbachhaus. ….. click for more inspiration

The Sanssouci Flagship Store

10 days to Christmas and the brand retail world out there has turned into the same frenzy as every year. Why not distract yourself for a few minutes with my vision for the next potential location of your flagship store expansion? ….. click for more inspiration

Is It Magic? A Retail Survival Check of the First German Disney Store

Disney opened its first brick and mortar store in Germany three weeks ago. Let’s perform a retail survival check to guesstimate its chances of sustainable success! ….. click for more inspiration

11 Omnichannel Rules for Small and Mid-sized Retailers

When establishing a 360° retail business, omnichannel is the growth tool on everyone’s agenda. Medium-sized businesses face the need to develop or risk being overtaken by the competition. Read eleven feasible steps for retailers to find their path in the jungle of online business. ….. click for more inspiration

The Value of Emotional Retail Management

Managers in Brand Retail love to use diverse technologies to analyse store performance. But what about the value of switching to an emotional perspective from time to time? ….. click for more inspiration

Art Sells!

The storage of goods is no longer the main task of stores. Innovative retailers need to reinvent themselves – for some, that’s like curating an art gallery. ….. click for more inspiration

1000 Myths, 60 Locations & 5 Formats – The Facts about the Amazon Retail Strategy

Amid many myths and rumors, this research sheds light on the facts, corporate communication, and the evidence from physical store openings. Long quality read. ….. click for more inspiration

The Amazon Book Store – Zero Cross Channel Services and Other Surprises

A retail pro report from Amazon’s brick & mortar book store in Seattle, a consumer experience with zero cross channel services. And still, it triggered a sale. ….. click for more inspiration

Wake Up Mono Brand Stores – Customers Love it Bright and in Stereo!

Is the era of mono brand stores over? Why an increasing number of brands cooperate to create mixed concepts and overcome self-conquering vanity. Finally. ….. click for more inspiration

Suitsupply – Achieving Brand Growth Through Courage, Innovation and Passion

The young Dutch brand for formal men’s wear, Suitsupply, wins globally by combining European tailoring culture with modern lifestyle. A fan report. ….. click for more inspiration

Now Open: The Trump Retail Store

Donald Trump is a seller. After his career in real estate business, he is now going the next step by opening his own Trump Retail store today. As a pop-up. ….. click for more inspiration