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If one has many wonderful creative authors and wins many perspectives, what do you need an editor for?Well, from time to time, it’s good to lean back and reflect from a bird’s-eye perspective on the industry. That is what this blog category is for. We share updates on our growth, ‘best of’ or topic to an highlight industry trend.Brand Growth Inspiration – your weekly dose of inspiration for brand growth and performance management.

Brand & Retail Management: Our Hot Topics of 2021

We’ve curated our 2021 favourites in brand and retail management for you. Topics include flagship retail, D2C, online expansion, 3D design as well as exciting new distribution models. ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: New Business Models

Business models have traditionally developed at a slow and incremental pace. And then a global pandemic catapulted everyone into a new reality. This special edition explores how new (and old) business models hold up. ….. click for more inspiration

Celebrating 5 Years of Brand Growth Inspiration

Friends of BGI, We turn five this week, a wonderful milestone on a great journey. A big thank to 1/4 million readers and 31 authors sharing 236 inspirational stories. Continue supporting us, share, follow, subscribe for another 5 years, and we reach our next milestone, 500 posts of brand growth inspiration. ….. click for more inspiration

Inspirational Summer Break

Lockdowns, home office, home schooling, re-opening, health restrictions, more lockdowns, and now open again, but for how long? ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been on brands and retailers’ radar for decades. In some cases the strategic alignment with CSR was a true commitment to corporate ethics and positive change, in others a device to boost public opinion and employer marketing. ….. click for more inspiration

Recovery Scenarios for the Brand & Retail Industry

While the pandemic is far from over, our 2021 has started on a constructive note with many contributors sharing their insights on what recovering from this crisis could look like across the brand and retail industry. ….. click for more inspiration

The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

We believe that a 1000 minds can help paint a more accurate picture of what the future in brand distribution could look like. Please share your perspective on the future in brand distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

2021 will see the biggest consumer recovery of all time – says Prof. Niall Ferguson

If you look on the bright side, 2020 has cleared up many doubts on the future of business. Recap our learnings here ….. click for more inspiration

Post Covid: Best Read in Brand and Retail

22,144 readers, 3 new authors, updates from China, India and Europe, and 14 greatly diverse posts. It is great to be back with our best quarter ever. ….. click for more inspiration

Post Covid Brand Strategy – Best Practice Round-up

Brand industry & Covid-19: Discover the latest insights and emerging best practices across a struggling brand and retail industry, from e-commerce and digitalisation to low touch strategic sourcing and creative social distancing implementations. ….. click for more inspiration

Society Needs your Engagement

extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. We suspend our regular distribution of growth inspiration to allow everyone to focus on what is most important at this time: to care for friends, neighbours, family and society. ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Going Global

International expansion has traditionally been slow, expensive and high risk. But to many brands and retailers, the opportunities in going global remain compelling. This special edition examines how to do it right. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Management 2019: The Year in Review

We’ve curated our brand management reader favourites of 2019 for you. Topics include digital marketplace distribution, multichannel retail, brick & mortar stores in a digital world, brand story telling as well as omnichannel best practice. ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Digital Distribution

We’ve come a long way from early computer networks to the networked world we operate in today. The brand and retail industry may have been a late bloomer, but the past decade or so has seen a veritable explosion of developments in digital distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

Recommended Brand & Retail Management Reading

Keep up to date with our quarterly round-up of recommended brand and retail management reading! Discover the latest insights in omnichannel retailing, global expansion, retail locations, a KPI slam and a Berlin gem! ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Omni Channel Retailing

Our omni channel retailing special edition separates buzzword from best practice strategies and shares some of the best omni channel retail across the industry with you. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand & Retail Management Must Reads

Keep up to date with our round-up of brand and retail management must reads! Discover the latest trends in drone delivery, assortment and marketplace KPIs, omnichannel retail, and concessions! ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Growth Strategy for CEOs & Strategic Planners

How’s your year going so far? Now’s a good time to take stock and prepare for the upcoming planning season! This special edition offers some brand growth strategy inspiration for CEOs and strategic planners. ….. click for more inspiration

The Latest Brand Management Insights

Need to catch up on the latest brand management insights? We have curated a few recent gems on current e-commerce trends, last mile innovation, performance management and omnichannel retail for you! ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Processes & Operations for Retail Managers

While everyone talks about growing online sales, offline retail still makes up the vast majority of consumption. This special edition offers inspiration and guidance on process & operations for retail managers in this context. ….. click for more inspiration