Digitalization is here to stay and continues to affect all aspects of the brand and retail industry.In our e-commerce category we cover the topics of digital caused brand distribution, which includes selling via own, via third party marketplaces and social commerce (such as Live Streaming or Selling via own App). In our market updates we share how brands evolve their digital distribution as well what are latest best practices.

Buzzword Check: Metaverse, NFTs, Digital Fashion and Web3

Do you believe the hype around web 3.0 or are you a little sceptical? In a nutshell, Stefan Wenzel sees no reason to bury our head in the sand but advises we don’t fly too close to the sun either. ….. click for more inspiration

Are Online Marketplaces Catching the Department Store Disease?

Online managers you have to be very strong now: You didn’t invent the marketplace. The department store industry did. And, you are at getting the same low margin virus as they did … ….. click for more inspiration

How to Sell on Online Marketplaces

Do you struggle finding growth avenues for your brand? Here’s the most important how-tos to help your brand succeed on marketplaces! ….. click for more inspiration

Online Market Expansion

Financial planning teams are gearing up for next year’s budget planning as well as the new three-year plan. Our new short series walks you trough different considerations and scenarios for each channel. ….. click for more inspiration

Initiative Retail Future ‘Zukunft Handel’

An introduction to the services and tools that ‘Zukunft Handel’ (Retail Future), an initiative launched by Google and the German Retail Federation (HDE), offers to support smaller German retailers in digitising their business. ….. click for more inspiration

How India’s Digitization Impacts Retail and Brand Distribution

India has been on an exciting digitization journey since 2009. Many key elements that are to form the backbone of a future ‘digital India’ are already nationally rolled out and more will be introduced in the next 2-3 years. ….. click for more inspiration

Mind the knowledge gap in marketplace business

Detailed marketplace knowledge is rare. Here’s how you can bridge your marketplace know-how ….. click for more inspiration

Ecom Real Talk: 4 Ways Brands Can Benefit from Marketplace and Wholesale Business

Marketplace and wholesale business benefit from each other. Choose from four ways to overcome your budget limitations and become your own selling hero. ….. click for more inspiration

Ecom Real Talk: A Deep Dive on Marketplaces for Fashion

Selling on marketplaces is no longer an ‘if’ question, but has become a ‘when and how’. A deep dive into the structure of online marketplaces for fashion. ….. click for more inspiration

Omnichannel Loyalty: How to Use Geo-fencing to Drive In-store Traffic from App Users

Online and offline channels are merging. Here are some real-world examples of brands driving in-store traffic by sending geo-fencing promotions to app users, requiring almost no investment. ….. click for more inspiration

Artificial Intelligence in the Design Process: Is Fashion Ready?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the fashion industry. But is the industry ready to incorporate machine learning into the design process, or is it still a frontier too far? ….. click for more inspiration

Does Your Store Give Digitally Savvy Customers What They Need?

What are today’s online consumer needs and how can physical store formats cater to them? This article discusses recent case studies including Amazon Go, Alibaba and many more. ….. click for more inspiration

Brick & Mortar is the new Online: E-commerce Trends 2019

Fair warning: this article on online trends is ill-suited for e-commerce managers. Out of your echo chamber, you may find that you are turning into the brick & mortar retailer you never wanted to be. Other online trends include weather sensitivity and private equity. ….. click for more inspiration

The Digital Convenience Store: Feels Like Shoplifting

The digital convenience store is here, and the future of convenience stores feels a lot like shoplifting! In this post I share my experience shopping at the newest Amazon Go store in Seattle. ….. click for more inspiration

Customer Acquisition Online: Challenges and Opportunities for Brands

Building a successful e-commerce business requires a strong online customer acquisition strategy, especially when the competition are big platforms like Amazon or Zalando. How can brands leverage their strengths to compete? ….. click for more inspiration

Empowering Shoppers and Brands: The Latest Trends in Online Fashion Retail

Online fashion shoppers and brands expect more from digital shopping than a ‘scroll and buy’ experience. New trends are redefining online fashion retail, are you following them? ….. click for more inspiration

Branding in 3D: How Edited Retail is Catering to the Attention Economy

Technology and new expectations have made confident, purposeful ranging a more valuable asset than ever before. In the attention economy, edited retail rules! ….. click for more inspiration

Are You at Risk of Being Disrupted?

RFID yesterday, today the blockchain, meanwhile you still wonder whether your app really needs its own technical design now that your homepage is finally responsive? Some perspective on the latest fashion tech trends. ….. click for more inspiration

E-Commerce Platforms: Challenges & Opportunities for Brands

Brands face difficult choices in their online distribution and taking a strategic approach to deciding the digital brand distribution channel mix is crucial. ….. click for more inspiration

Marketplaces Are Now the Biggest Digital Distribution Channel for Brands

Digital distribution via marketplaces is big business and the choice of marketplaces is large. Selecting the right ones and operational execution are key. ….. click for more inspiration