Brand Retail

Brand retail is the brand industries’ strategy to grow its sales and market share with physical brick and mortar stores.

Be it flagship stores, factory outlets, partner stores, franchise stores, concession stores or other forms, brand retail comes in various shapes. Brand retail is a highly visable brand footprint, but it is also commercially challenging.

We share in this section of the blog brand retail success stories, outline what drives brand stores performances, both commercially and branding-wise.

Time to Build a Home Textile Collection

Immune to Covid-19 and experiencing steady growth over the past three years, the global home textile market is expected to grow at an even faster pace to reach USD 133.37 billion by 2025. ….. click for more inspiration

Learnings from a True Entrepreneur: Frances Jerard

Have you ever wondered whether you have the entrepreneur gene and what it takes to build a brand? Frances Jerard, a multi-talented designer from New Zealand built her brand from scratch and currently shows it in her Berlin pop-up store. ….. click for more inspiration

Experience and Tech: The Rise of the Destination Store

Excluding the pandemic, nothing has had a greater influence on the resurgence of ‘the store as destination’ than Gen Z. While Gen X and Millennials started to shun the mall in droves, it is the so-called ‘selfie-generation’ that is now seeking out new ways to interact with products before they purchase. ….. click for more inspiration

Will the Apparel Industry Help Save or Continue to Harm the Environment?

The apparel industry is a significant environmental polluter. Some brands are tackling the challenge of recycling used clothing, but the issue might require more draconian steps. ….. click for more inspiration

The Future in Flagship Retail: A Strategy Update

In the middle of global store lockdowns, 100+ lifestyle brands announce the opening of new flagship stores. Versace, Puma, Under Armor, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Montblanc, ….. click for more inspiration

Managing Retail Operations in 2021

Brand growth retail management already has many KPIs. What Retail Operations KPIs do you use to measure the payback of your investment? ….. click for more inspiration

Can New Business Models Help Save the US Retail Marketplace?

Retailers and landlords are scrambling to figure out how to survive as consumers have accelerated the shift to e-commerce. Will they be able to reinvent themselves or become one of the many businesses weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic? ….. click for more inspiration

CO2 emissions – the final blow for retail stores?

Offline fashion purchases lead to 3x more emissions than those made online. Could this lead to a paradigm shift for both consumers and the fashion industry? ….. click for more inspiration

Post Covid Retail – Rethinking store processes & merchandise management

Cutting store costs became popular, but lower head count costs retail productivity and flexibility. Here’s how to do Post Covid Retail right. ….. click for more inspiration

Clothing Rental Subscriptions: Will Leasing Surpass Buying?

More and more industries are moving from buying to leasing subscription models. We discuss the pros and cons of leasing versus owning your wardrobe. ….. click for more inspiration

Post-Covid City Centres: Deserted Wastelands or Thriving Hubs?

Much has been said and written about the disaster the pandemic has brought to the global retail landscape. This post highlights challenges and opportunities for retail and social life in our post Covid-19 city centres. ….. click for more inspiration

Individual Retail – Now More Than Ever!

How a life-threatening pandemic that had best remained script material for science fiction novels is also an urgent invitation to a reset of owner-operated retail ….. click for more inspiration

Ship From Store: Omnichannel Best Practice?

More and more brands are now shipping from store. Could ship from store be an option for you? This article explores the benefits and cost. ….. click for more inspiration

Used Clothing: Changing the Paradigm for Business and the Environment

Leading apparel brands are tackling the challenge of recycling used clothing, helping to solve a major environmental issue while capitalising on a growing business opportunity. ….. click for more inspiration

Cheese Please! A Lesson in Brand Building

How to turn cheese from an every-day commodity into a sought-after lifestyle brand? Join us for a brand building lesson with Cheese & More by Henri Willig. ….. click for more inspiration

How US Brick & Mortar Stores Can Survive in the Digital Age

Brick and mortar in the digital age: learn how Nike, Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) and other leading retailers thrive despite the ongoing retail shakeout in the United States. ….. click for more inspiration

Holzmarkt: Retailing Berlin Style

Ready for your trip to Berlin? If you want an authentic taste of Berlin, be sure to stop by this great retail insider tip: Berlin Holzmarkt, in the former East of the city. ….. click for more inspiration

Growth in Saturated Markets: Dreams in Chocolate and Ice Cream!

Selling chocolate in Europe is tough because growth in saturated markets is tough. Three case studies show how chocolate manufacturers grow successfully by diversifying their assortment. ….. click for more inspiration

How Important is Diversity for Successful Retail?

Research shows that diversity and inclusion make businesses more successful. Diversity in retail matters across leadership, workforce, workplace culture, marketing as well as from a consumer perspective. ….. click for more inspiration