Brand Expansion

Brand expansion is a brand’s strategy to grow its market share by establishing new consumer touch points, both digital online and in brick and mortar stores. Brand expansion happens in new and established markets.In our category of brand expansion we collect articles on expansion management in the brand and retail industry. The markets we review and assess may be old or emerging markets, in any case attractive.We aim to warn you on potential pitfalls in brand expansion, but above all aim to inspire successful growth.

Brand Sales and Distribution: New Best Practices that drive International Growth

Brand retail growth remains volatile post pandemic. Be it China, EMEA or the US, retailers and brands work on new best practices to secure international growth. ….. click for more inspiration

India’s Retail Post Covid: Old Normal As The New Normal

It seems like everything changed because of Covid-19, but it may not in India – in fact, it could be “business as usual” by the end of 2021 ….. click for more inspiration

How International Brands Succeed in India

Global Brands in India look back on a  history spanning more than 150 years. What success factors can today’s brands learn from the earlier waves of brand expansion to the subcontinent? ….. click for more inspiration

How to Drive International Expansion Without Escalating Complexity

Customise or standardise? That’s perhaps the most important question a brand at the beginning of its international expansion has to answer. Depending on who you ask, you will get very different answers. ….. click for more inspiration

From Omni channel retailing in India to Omnipresent Retail

In recent years, omnichannel was the buzzword in the retail world. But the real big deal in the making is ‘omnipresent’ retail. This case study on Reliance Industries in India shows how. ….. click for more inspiration

Spain & Portugal on the Brand Horizon

Is it time for brand expansion to Spain and Portugal? The economic outlook for the Iberian peninsula is currently boosting the confidence of international brands retailers on the lookout for new opportunities. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail India: Version 4.0

Explore how the Indian retail sector has evolved over the decades and discover what’s in store for the now emerging version 4.0 of Indian retail: global investment, retail ecosystems and a competitive consumer landscape. ….. click for more inspiration

Going Benelux? Done right, a growth opportunity for brands and retailers

What are the challenges and opportunities of brand expansion to Benelux? Learn how to best tap the full potential of the Benelux retail markets. ….. click for more inspiration

7 Key Success Factors for Excellence in Tourist Retail

Affluent tourists are sought after shoppers and a retail market’s most attractive segment. What does it take to grow your tourist retail sales? ….. click for more inspiration

What’s Hot in Global Market Expansion

Global market expansion as a strategic project is constantly evolving. What are the latest trends in terms of country mix, location, and digital disruption? ….. click for more inspiration

India’s Fashion & Retail Sector: An Overview

Private consumption driven economic growth, a population of 1.3 billion with huge linguistic and social diversity… amongst other challenges and opportunities international brands have to consider before entering India’s fashion retail market! ….. click for more inspiration

Yes, the Italian Market Is on the Rise Again!

Milan’s CityLife Project, dm’s expansion to the Italian retail market and Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery plans indicate a revival of the Italian market. ….. click for more inspiration

Is the Italian Market on the Rise Again?

In recent years, few market expansion experts would have considered Italy as a viable option. Is Italy on track to becoming a hot market again? ….. click for more inspiration

Topshop Left, Where Does That Leave Brand Expansion to New Zealand?

After Topshop and Topman have permanently closed shop in New Zealand, is New Zealand still a viable option for international brand expansion? ….. click for more inspiration

Topshop Files Administration – Is Brand Distribution Australia ‘Drowned Under’?

Find out what Topshop Australia’s recent filing for administration means for a realistic assessment of Australia’s brand distribution potential. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Distribution: Why Now Is the Time for Mexico

Reaching a realistic assessment of Mexico’s brand distribution potential. ….. click for more inspiration

International Expansion – How to Find the Best Distribution Model?

Selecting the most appropriate channel mix – using the optimal distribution model for any new market – is like finding your way in a multidimensional maze. It is one of the most complex and risky decisions top management has to make, as each market comes with its own set of conditions and requirements. ….. click for more inspiration

Research For Brand Store Growth? Retail Expansion Software May Help!

Looking for retail expansion that really works? A smart software may be one tool out of many to find the perfect store location for your brand. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Distribution India – Is the Country Finally Catching Up?

How to find a realistic assessment of the country’s brand distribution potential for international brands aiming to expand into India. ….. click for more inspiration

Department Stores in Italy: on the Way to Global Best Practices

Department Stores in Italy went through structural changes, the perspective for brand distribution changed – we take a look on the perspectives. ….. click for more inspiration