Brand Distribution

With brand distribution the industry describes the ways and means of getting a brand to consumers.

Brand distribution comes in many different forms and is not without its challenges. Traditional wholesale, the most popular form of brand distribution, is shrinking while online is fast growing, but often not profitable. Advanced of brand distribution such online market place distribution or retail consignment are growing, but add significant complexity to brand distribution strategies.

By collecting and sharing benchmarks and KPIs from brand distribution around the globe we aim to inspire good practices in global brand distribution.

Store Operations Excellence: Why All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Online stores continue to gain market shares, making it crucial for brick and mortar stores to defend their piece of the cake. An exceptional customer experience and store operations excellence are two promising strategies to keep customers coming despite more convenient channels. ….. click for more inspiration

The Art of Creating Successful Store Concepts: How to Avoid the Complexity Trap

The likes of Amazon and Alibaba open tech-heavy brick & mortar stores, but best-practice commercial brand retail still happens elsewhere. ….. click for more inspiration

Last Mile Innovation in the Netherlands in 2022: How the Country of Bicycles Transforms Last Mile Delivery

The Netherlands have seen unprecedented growth in last mile delivery over the past years. Leading the way in sustainable transport as well as e-commerce, they provide impulses for other European countries. ….. click for more inspiration

How to Execute a Direct-to-Consumer Business Model

Successful direct-to-consumer (D2C) business requires a consumer focus enabled by the latest technology. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Rimowa, or Snocks show us how it’s done. ….. click for more inspiration

Partner Retail is Still the Smarter Retail and Here is Why

DTC became brands’ favourite distribution channel, but Partner Retail is ‘lighter’ and more profitable. VF, LEGO and Levi’s show how to grow both channels. ….. click for more inspiration

Buzzword Check: Metaverse, NFTs, Digital Fashion and Web3

Do you believe the hype around web 3.0 or are you a little sceptical? In a nutshell, Stefan Wenzel sees no reason to bury our head in the sand but advises we don’t fly too close to the sun either. ….. click for more inspiration

Are Online Marketplaces Catching the Department Store Disease?

Online managers you have to be very strong now: You didn’t invent the marketplace. The department store industry did. And, you are at getting the same low margin virus as they did … ….. click for more inspiration

How to Sell on Online Marketplaces

Do you struggle finding growth avenues for your brand? Here’s the most important how-tos to help your brand succeed on marketplaces! ….. click for more inspiration

Johnnie Walker Princes Street: A Global Flagship Experience Creates Brand Love

How to inspire consumers to reconnect with a brand at risk of being crowded out of the public imagination? Let’s explore how Johnnie Walker created a flagship experience to let visitors and locals get back in touch with Scotch Whisky. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Wholesale Distribution – 7 Key Trends that Shape the Future

This is a post about a perfect storm, 1.000 Lighthouses, the loss of retail’s puppy protection, and why wholesale brand distribution is far more alive than most think. ….. click for more inspiration

War for Talent: Recruiting Post-Covid

Recruiting is picking up again – a clear indication that, at least economically, we’re beginning to see the end of the pandemic. Across the board, companies are looking for skilled workers. ….. click for more inspiration

Why Digital-First Brands are Turning to Brick & Mortar Stores

Digitally native brands planned to disrupt the retail landscape by selling only through E-commerce. Learn why, despite all the hype, they are now looking to brick & mortar stores to drive growth and profitability. ….. click for more inspiration

Time to Build a Home Textile Collection

Immune to Covid-19 and experiencing steady growth over the past three years, the global home textile market is expected to grow at an even faster pace to reach USD 133.37 billion by 2025. ….. click for more inspiration

Learnings from a True Entrepreneur: Frances Jerard

Have you ever wondered whether you have the entrepreneur gene and what it takes to build a brand? Frances Jerard, a multi-talented designer from New Zealand built her brand from scratch and currently shows it in her Berlin pop-up store. ….. click for more inspiration

Experience and Tech: The Rise of the Destination Store

Excluding the pandemic, nothing has had a greater influence on the resurgence of ‘the store as destination’ than Gen Z. While Gen X and Millennials started to shun the mall in droves, it is the so-called ‘selfie-generation’ that is now seeking out new ways to interact with products before they purchase. ….. click for more inspiration

Will the Apparel Industry Help Save or Continue to Harm the Environment?

The apparel industry is a significant environmental polluter. Some brands are tackling the challenge of recycling used clothing, but the issue might require more draconian steps. ….. click for more inspiration

The Future of Brand Flagship Stores: Strategy Update

In the middle of global store lockdowns, 100+ lifestyle brands announce the opening of new flagship stores. Flagship stores boom despite internet. Why is flagship retail important, what is the next generation, and where to find them? ….. click for more inspiration

Managing Brand Retail Operations in Times of Cross Channel Journeys

Brand growth retail management already has many KPIs. What Retail Operations KPIs do you use to measure the payback of your investment? ….. click for more inspiration

Initiative Retail Future ‘Zukunft Handel’

An introduction to the services and tools that ‘Zukunft Handel’ (Retail Future), an initiative launched by Google and the German Retail Federation (HDE), offers to support smaller German retailers in digitising their business. ….. click for more inspiration

Future in Brand Wholesale Distribution: The Cash Cow is dead. Long live the Cash Cow.

Wholesale distribution changes in warp speed. Despite all D2C hype, wholesale is still brands’ favourite channel. Here is how to prepare for change ….. click for more inspiration