Brand Distribution

With brand distribution the industry describes the ways and means of getting a brand to consumers.

Brand distribution comes in many different forms and is not without its challenges. Traditional wholesale, the most popular form of brand distribution, is shrinking while online is fast growing, but often not profitable. Advanced of brand distribution such online market place distribution or retail consignment are growing, but add significant complexity to brand distribution strategies.

By collecting and sharing benchmarks and KPIs from brand distribution around the globe we aim to inspire good practices in global brand distribution.

Brand Wholesale Distribution – 7 Key Trends that Shape the Future

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Why Digital-First Brands are Turning to Brick & Mortar Stores

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D2C: It’s All About Tech

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D2C: It’s All About Consumer Focus

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) is about mastering technology to give the best possible products and services to your consumers. Brands like Nespresso, Tupperware, Tesla, Peloton, Mermaid & me, Everdrop, Kapten & Son, Anker, Snocks, Casper, Dollar Shave Club, Wiesemann 1893, Thirdlove, Warby Parker, Lumaland, Berlin Brands Group, The Hut Group, Frontastic, Ankerkraut, allbirds show how it is done. ….. click for more inspiration

Future in Brand Wholesale Distribution: The Cash Cow is dead. Long live the Cash Cow.

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Zalando Connected Retail: High Street Powerhouses vs. Online Giants

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3 Innovative Distribution Models: Lifeline & Disruptor

Three innovative distribution models currently help retailers to survive the Covid-19 lockdowns and new players to disrupt traditional markets: Brands helping their retail partners to survive lockdowns, online retailers who help offline retailers survive, and innovative sales funnels that change the dynamics of an entire industry. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Distribution Best Practice Post Covid

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We Need to Rethink the Purpose of the Shopping Street

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The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

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Cheese Please! A Lesson in Brand Building

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Will Instant Drone Delivery Take Off in 2019?

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Selling on Marketplaces: Are Your Processes Ready?

KPIs in Digital Marketplace Distribution: marketplaces are the largest D2C distribution channel. Get ready for the KPIs that measure whether your brand is ready to meet today’s demanding end-consumer needs. ….. click for more inspiration

Is Building Retail Concessions Still Only the Second Best Multibrand Distribution?

Growing wholesale distribution via department stores and other multi-brand retailers has been the most valuable path to brand growth for many years. Is that changing with multi-brand retailers in crisis across Europe and the US? How do retail concessions hold up as alternative? ….. click for more inspiration

Will Price Wars Be the New Normal on currently operates a ‘closed’ marketplace system, where a product is sold only by one supplier at a time. Rumours have it that this may soon change – will price wars become the new norm for your brand? ….. click for more inspiration

Partner Retail Transparency

Sharing information is crucial. Here’s everything you should know about your potential partner retailer’s business and how to get the information you need. ….. click for more inspiration