Best Practice

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One can have inovative products, a great brand name or an excellent business model. This may push growth for a while, but at the end it is the many small and small best practices in processes, structures, tools, systems & people! that create a truly balanced growing company. In this category of the blog I want to share with you a personal selection of great best practice examples. By sharing I hope to encourage you to go for your own best practices and tell us about it.

Inspiring Brand Retail Best Practices for 2018

Pick the brand retail best practices from 24* cities and 6 topic areas that will work for you. To a good start and comp growth in your new business year! ….. click for more inspiration

That One Perfect Day: How UGG Solves the Ice Cream Problem

Thanksgiving in the US, Ramadan in the Middle East, Christmas, or simply next Saturday: high traffic days define the brand store operation winners. Here’s how UGG does it. ….. click for more inspiration

Brands in Stormy Weather – Beyond Retail Lease Management !

Is your major store closure scare just behind you, or is it yet to come? How do you maintain a healthy lease management? ….. click for more inspiration

The Uber Way of Wholesale Buying – Tommy’s New Digital Showroom

Investing in wholesale processes was not a brand industry priority over the last few years. Tommy Hilfiger prioritized it though and created wholesale buying best practice. ….. click for more inspiration

Regain Growth & Performance by Promoting the Unsexiest Business Strategy: Good Workmanship!

Speed of global brand growth is slowing down. Fast mover strategies pay a high price for restructuring. Successful brands grow with brand best practices ….. click for more inspiration