Best Practice

Innovative products, a great brand name or an excellent business model may push brand growth for a while. But in the end it comes down to the many small examples of best practice in processes, structures, tools, systems and people that come together to create truly balanced growth. In this category of the blog, we share with you our personal selection of best practice examples to encourage you to strive for your own best practices.

eCommerce Photography: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

With the rise of eCommerce, the importance of visual media has increased. Some best practices for successful eCommerce photography. ….. click for more inspiration

Sustainable Fashion: Why Patagonia Works Is the Most Beautiful Brand on Earth

Sustainable fashion is the current hot topic in the brand strategy world. And Patagonia Works’ best practice story shows how sustainable fashion makes for beautiful brands. ….. click for more inspiration

Time to Market: The Hidden Secrets of Fast Fashion

To capitalise on often unpredictable consumer preferences, you need to set up an in-season fast-track product development process. A time to market of 40 days is the goal! ….. click for more inspiration

7 Tips on How to Reduce Your Time to Market

Fast Fashion is one of the industry’s main winners. But many large brands are still struggling to reduce time to market. Read on for ideas to speed up lead times! ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Financial Budgeting – Ideas and Best Practices for Your Next Budget

Moving from retail to ecom to omnichannel, sound financial budgeting is ever more important for brands today. In this article we share some key learnings to help your teams plan better during the upcoming budget season. ….. click for more inspiration

Omnichannel Best Practice at Scale

How do you achieve loyalty card identification in 80% of all purchases and 2x higher spend of omnichannel versus retail only customers? Learn how Dutch grocer Albert Heijn achieves omnichannel best practice at scale. ….. click for more inspiration

Good Workmanship & Best Practice Management Are Key to Growth

The speed of global brand growth has been slowing down. While fast-movers pay a high price for restructuring, successful brands continue to grow with brand best practice management. ….. click for more inspiration

Freitag: Brand Development Made in Switzerland

In 2019, shoppers love unique products and great brand stories. If on top of that you sell upcycled products and are a niche company from a small country, you have all the ingredients for a memorable brand story. Learn how Freitag excels at brand development. ….. click for more inspiration

Rapha is not a brand, it’s brand community management at its best

How does a small UK cycling apparel brand become the global benchmark for brand community management? Here’s why brands around the world use Rapha as a best practice case study. ….. click for more inspiration

Scan, Shop, Go – Omnichannel Best Practice Retail Made in Germany

After three years of research and testing 80 omnichannel services, fashion retailer Bonprix has opened a world-class omnichannel best practice store in Hamburg. ….. click for more inspiration

Global Retail Best Practice

The likes of Amazon and Alibaba open tech-heavy brick & mortar stores, but best practice commercial brand retail still happens elsewhere. ….. click for more inspiration

Accessible Shopping Beyond Purple Tuesday

The UK’s first Purple Tuesday, a day dedicated to an accessible shopping experience, is coming up. Research shows that accessible shopping remains too rare, explore with us how accessibility matters and what you can do to improve it. ….. click for more inspiration

Adidas Best Practice Brand Distribution Strategy

Aiming for the world’s most affluent consumers in highly competitive environments: Adidas’ Top City Strategy 2020 is at halfway, what is best practice and what can you learn for your distribution strategy? ….. click for more inspiration

Engaging Associates: Best Practice Retail Operations at Polo Ralph Lauren

Your KPIs, dashboard and performance management are in place, but your retail operations are missing that final touch? This best practice story shows how new technologies can help you win at associate engagement too. ….. click for more inspiration

Inspiring Brand Retail Best Practices for 2018

Pick the brand retail best practices from 24* cities and 6 topic areas that will work for you. To a good start and comp growth in your new business year! ….. click for more inspiration

That One Perfect Day: How UGG Solves the Ice Cream Problem

Thanksgiving in the US, Ramadan in the Middle East, Christmas, or simply next Saturday: high traffic days define the brand store operations winners. Here’s how UGG does it. ….. click for more inspiration

Brands in Stormy Weather – Beyond Retail Lease Management !

Is your major store closure scare just behind you, or is it yet to come? How do you maintain a healthy lease management? ….. click for more inspiration