Brand Analytics

Brand Analytics is a method used to assess a brand’s strategic and commercial health and thrive performance.Taking a holistic approach, brand analytics includes the assessment of key performance metrics/KPI as well as processes, tools and structures of an organization. The methodology comes in many different shapes and forms, can be a simple performance analysis of current sales vs last week, or more sophisticated in balanced scorecards.By collecting and sharing benchmarks and KPIs from brands around the globe we aim to inspire qualitative and commercial brand growth. We aim to encourage you to find your own way of improving brand performance.

Sell-Through Effects of Instore Product Placement

Knowing how instore product placement (the exact position of an item in the store and its presentation) affects sell-through helps retailers cope with the increasing relevance of online shopping post-Covid. ….. click for more inspiration

Hit Rate and Bestseller Assessment: How to Empower Your Retail Assortment Planning and Allocation

Improving the hit rate and bestseller management are essential elements of retail assortment planning and allocation. Learn how to fully understand your bestsellers and how they affect your hit rate to make optimal use of your resources. ….. click for more inspiration

The Price is Right, Right?

Pricing strategy remains a timely topic. Learn how to make sound research-based decisions when lowering or increasing your prices.  ….. click for more inspiration

How to Compare Store Performance of a Retail Portfolio in Pandemic Times

Retail executives often struggle to objectively evaluate the store performance of their portfolio due to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviours pre- and post-Covid. The good old Footfall Utilization Index (FUI) might be of help. ….. click for more inspiration

Store Insights Can Speak the Voice of Shoppers. Are You Listening?

There was an almost sinister feeling of relief in boardroom. Until a firm voice cut through the silence with a final question: Well done fleet review team. But which five stores are the most productive, which are the 5 least productive and why? ….. click for more inspiration

Staff Cost Reduction Ahead

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has store traffic take deep dips. As retailers look at staff cost reduction to minimise the negative effect on their bottom line, this article provides insights beyond a simple staff cost vs. sales ratio. ….. click for more inspiration

How to Measure Staff Motivation: The Big Unknown

Staff motivation is notoriously difficult to capture. This article shows how to combine Footfall Utilisation Index with Staffing Index  to truly measure staff motivation. ….. click for more inspiration

What Locations Make Your Retail Format Successful?

Despite constant change and disruption in today’s market, retail location is still an a key success factor. Do you know what type of locations are best for your format? ….. click for more inspiration

Optimal Retail Space: How Big Should Your Assortment Be?

Finding the right assortment size to determine optimal retail space is a key question for retail performance projects. Learn about a simple method to determine assortment size for retailers with several stores in comparable locations. ….. click for more inspiration

How to Improve Your Hit Rate and Make Good Use of Bestseller Potential

When brands need to reshape their portfolio and close stores, they face the challenge of improving Like-4-Like performance at the remaining points of sale. Analysing your hit rate and bestseller potential can help improve the top and bottom line of your P&L. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Portfolio Management: Store Staff Performance

While excellent staff and service are what distinguishes brick and mortar from online retailers, staff performance is often overlooked in store evaluations. Two new KPIs to the rescue! ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Portfolio Management: Renegotiating Your Rental Contracts

This is the second installment of a short series that dives into a few uncommon KPIs for successful retail portfolio management. Learn how traffic cost and footfall per hour can help you renegotiate rental contracts. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Portfolio Assessment: The Good Ones Into the Pot, the Bad Ones Into Your Crop

What tools are available to help brands choose their most promising retail locations, and identify the not so promising ones? Let’s mobilise some unusual KPIs! ….. click for more inspiration

How to Measure Omnichannel Management Success

Brand growth management already has many KPIs . What omnichannel retailing KPIs do you use to measure the payback of your investment? ….. click for more inspiration

How to Benefit from Bestseller Management Immediately

Bestseller Management is one of the most important processes to improve sell-through and mark-down in the consumer goods industry. What KPI helps identify bestsellers and make smart decisions about them? ….. click for more inspiration

These 3 Quick Wins Increase Sell-through and Push Gross Margin

Traditional retail landscapes are undergoing disruptive changes. Many brands that used to invest in own retail are currently reshaping their portfolio and closing down stores. At the same time, brands face the challenge of identifying ways to improve the Like-4-Like performance for their remaining points of sale (POS). This post introduces 3 low-cost options how to push sell-through, reduce mark-downs and improve Gross Margin. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Performance: I Like Like for Like – I don’t Like Like for Like

Is there any evidence for a correlation between like for like retail performance reporting and growth success in the day and age of the internet? Our expert authors debate the pros and cons. ….. click for more inspiration

Disarmament of Brand Performance Metrics – a Small Task Creating Big Impact

L4L, Share DTC, Basket Size … there are far too many brand performance metrics and reports. This post promotes managing growth with less KPIs. ….. click for more inspiration

24 Thoughts on How to Benchmark Retail Windows

Retail windows are expensive advertising spaces, and often miss their commercial potential. We share 24 thoughts how to benchmark retail windows. ….. click for more inspiration

Units Per Ticket Below 1: Get Effective in Cross Channel

In times of decreasing store footfall and sales, brand retailers focus on driving L4L strategies. This article advises how to drive sales per ticket. ….. click for more inspiration