Best Practice

To learn from the best, and apply best practice strategies is a common strategy practice in the brand industry.Over the many years in industry we have observed: Innovative products, a great brand name or an excellent business model may push brand growth for a while. But in the long-run it is best practice in processes, structures, tools, systems and people that secure a holistic longterm growth. By sharing best practice brand strategies from brands and retailers around the globe we aim to inspire qualitative brand growth. We aim to inspire you to strive for your own best practices.

Brand Retail Best Practices – Six Areas to Work on this Year

Pick the brand retail best practices from 24* cities and 6 topic areas that will work for you. To a good start and comp growth in your new business year! ….. click for more inspiration

Brand & Retail Management: Our Hot Topics of 2021

We’ve curated our 2021 favourites in brand and retail management for you. Topics include flagship retail, D2C, online expansion, 3D design as well as exciting new distribution models. ….. click for more inspiration

Why Sustainabilization Is Taking Too Long: The Missing Link

Sustainabilization is the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced. There are many innovative ideas, but how can we maximize their effect? ….. click for more inspiration

Why Digital-First Brands are Turning to Brick & Mortar Stores

Digitally native brands planned to disrupt the retail landscape by selling only through E-commerce. Learn why, despite all the hype, they are now looking to brick & mortar stores to drive growth and profitability. ….. click for more inspiration

2021 Goes Into Half-time: Best Reads

Amidst the ebb and flow of pandemic restrictions and the belated enjoyment of lots of football, we hope you find the leisure to indulge in our selection of recent best reads! ….. click for more inspiration

Sustainable Sourcing & Sustainable Shopping: A Circular Solution

Over the past 12 years, product teams around the globe have been on a journey towards more sustainable sourcing, beginning with measuring the impact of production on the environment. And ever since, factories have offered sustainable sourcing. It’s time to move another step forward. ….. click for more inspiration

3D Fashion Design: How to Lead Supply Chains to Digital Transformation

Is your product development team ready to present the new FW-2021 collection using 3D tools? To design fashion collections using virtual prototypes is no longer best practice in sourcing but increasingly becoming standard. ….. click for more inspiration

Sundown in Global Sourcing Fashion – Is De-Globalisation Here?

With trade and travel restricted, and industries’ CO2 footprint under the microscope, what does “deglobalisation” mean for Global Sourcing Fashion? ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Post Covid-19 Omnichannel Retail

The purpose of the retail store is shifting. Read our expert coverage on the brands accelerating the omnichannel retail transformation ….. click for more inspiration

“Online-Goes-Offline” – Never Waste a Good Crisis

Introducing an interesting new online-goes-offline case, one which could benefit from the changes in retail landscape accelerated by Covid-19 ….. click for more inspiration

Covid-19: Diversity & Inclusion Are Vital to Business Recovery

Diversity and inclusion are at risk of slipping off the radar at a time of crisis, but are essential for a company’s recovery, resilience, and innovation post Covid-19. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Operations 2020: Time to Manage Outside of the Box

Barely 20 years ago all retail operations took place in a high street store format. Then cross channel happened, and now Covid-19, and efficient retail operations are utterly transformed. ….. click for more inspiration

Strategic Sourcing: Low Touch Is the Post-Covid Best Practice

With airlines were grounded, strategic sourcing had to find new ways. We share five emerging best practices ….. click for more inspiration

Live Streaming E-Commerce: Best Practice Post-Covid Retail in China

To Western ears, TV home shopping may be reminiscent of dull and dated products marketed to mostly elderly consumers. But in China live streaming e-commerce has become the hottest post-Covid retail trend. ….. click for more inspiration

India’s Reliance Juggernaut & Covid-19

What happens when India’s Reliance Industries’ ambitious trajectory meets the global Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the consumer market? ….. click for more inspiration

Digitalisation Is the Face Mask of Your Physical Retail Business

Introduce digital business processes in your retail stores to cope with the negative effects of Covid-19 on footfall. Continue reading for a few best practice examples. ….. click for more inspiration

Shop, Work, Meet & Eat in the Time of Corona: 5 Best Practices in Social Distancing

Social Distancing turns profitability into an even bigger challenge for businesses. These five best practice examples show how social distancing can go hand in hand with creativity and innovation. ….. click for more inspiration

Post Covid Industry Best Practice in Retail & Online

A life threatening crisis seldom comes with a warning, but you can prepare for it by staying fit. We share post-covid industry best practice examples from brand retail & online. ….. click for more inspiration

eCommerce Photography: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

With the rise of eCommerce, the importance of visual media has increased. Some best practices for successful eCommerce photography. ….. click for more inspiration

How Patagonia built a most Sustainable Fashion Brand

Sustainable fashion is the current hot topic in the brand strategy world. And Patagonia Works’ best practice story shows how sustainable fashion makes for beautiful brands. ….. click for more inspiration