The Best Job in Brand Management – Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness

Can you already sense another exhausting week ahead of you? A long list of never-ending appointments, improvements to chase, managers and stakeholders to appease and a bunch of dull e-mails to catch up on to top it off? Does that sound a little unhappy? And have you perhaps caught yourself thinking you could really use a new job?

We might have something for you, something irresistible! Freitag, one of our favourite unique brands, is recruiting. And even though we don’t run a classified section, we want to make an exception this time around.

This goes out to everyone feeling the grind today, we think you truly deserve this job!

Executive Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness

Freitag Happiness workplace (photo:

Your happy working space at Freitag (Photo:

Freitag follows Diesel in offering an extraordinary job to the most creative minds. For the remainder of the week, dedicate a chunk of your headspace to spinning your idea for an amazing application video. We promise, whether you end up applying or not, your week will be that much more pleasant and in no time it will be time to think, thank god it’s… Freitag!


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