Vacation Retail Treasure Hunt

We love that summertime is travel time. Take a well-deserved rest from your retail job routine and let us fill your travel notebook (or bookmark collection) with some inspiration to go.

We recommend an inspiring map full of concept stores off the beaten track.

Are you bored of encountering the same brand stores everywhere you go? Are you looking for creative impulses beyond the mainstream? We’ve got you covered. Alexander, our very own curator of the ‘Unique Retail’ category, has been on a veritable retail treasure hunt around the globe to explore individual retailers and concept stores for more than a decade.

Alexander has many stories to share about the great and small adventures in retail, not just here on this blog but especially in his Slowretail blog. These, to him, ‘inspiring diamonds in unique retail’ are collected on a map we’re happy to share with you. The map comes with its accompanying list of concept stores, conveniently clustered by travel destination for easy overview and access.

Concept Store Worldmap

Concept Store world map over at the Slowretail blog

You once loved and now dearly miss Colette, the mother of all concept stores in Paris? Or you’re always on the lookout for fresh concept ideas to visit or be inspired by in your own brand and retail ambitions? Why not browse the map and find some brand inspiration at your upcoming travel destinations.

About us

The editors of this blog are also travelling around Europe and the globe on a regular basis, where we focus on brand concepts and retail experiences. If you have a recommendation for us, a store we should pay a visit to, or a hot tip for one of our next destinations, please do get in touch. We’d also be happy to host your own story of brand inspiration here on the Brand Growth Inspiration blog.

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