140 Global Top Retail Cities: A Strategic Overview

Our tip for a fast and comprehensive overview top global retail locations. If you work in global retail & brand expansion, you know that Jones Lang LaSalle is a household name for this.

But JLL is also well known for its excellent studies on the global expansion of retailers and brands.

Via Santa Radegonda Milano (photo by Mauritz Schild)

Via Santa Radegonda Milano (Photo: Brand Pilots)

We have been recommending JLL and their studies to our clients since the early ’90s and cite them in our retail strategies from their studies. Even if you don’t work on a new global retail strategy, their reports on the top retail cities are a valuable source to understand the development of key retail cities. JLL has an excellent online city profile site,  to allow you to a quick understanding of the top retail cities. You have to subscribe, but it is worth it.

If your task in brand and retail growth is rather strategic and executive, you may consider to read global reports. If we pick one report you should read every year than look at their annual retail & expansion updates. You grow your insights into the top retail cities and their KPIs.

JLL reports that international expansion by retailers & brands is accelerating. For many brands, there are still many unchartered and under-penetrated markets. JLL’s annual analysis examines the presence of 240 international retail brands across 140 key retail cities.

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