Special Edition: Post Covid-19 Omnichannel Retail

With consumer shopping behavior changing during Corona, the purpose of the retail store is shifting and brands are accelerating the omnichannel transformation

Our brand experts highlight the strategies some of the brands are pursuing: bringing the store experience into consumers’ homes and utilizing stores as fulfillment and delivery hubs improving stock utilization are some examples.

At the same time, some digitally native brands seize the opportunity to start a bricks and mortar footprint…

Digitalisation Is the Face Mask of Your Physical Retail Business

Introduce digital business processes in your retail stores to cope with the negative effects of Covid-19 on footfall. Continue reading for a few best practice examples.

By Christoph Berendes


Ship From Store: Omnichannel Retail Best Practice?

More and more brands are now shipping from store. Is ship-from-store an option for your brand? Find out more in our article on the costs and benefits.

By Maximilian Gellert


“Online-Goes-Offline” – Never Waste a Good Crisis

Edelkraut first offline coffee and tea bar

Introducing an interesting new online-goes-offline case, one which could benefit from the changes in retail landscape accelerated by Covid-19. Read about the positives of this potential new trend here.

By Heike Blank


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