Silke Linsenmaier

The future of trade: women with ❤ seduce. Silke is a specialist for the targetgroup "woman ", innovative retail concepts, emotional store-selling and time-management all sales channels. She is the head of a future-oriented Retail Task Force for Category Management. They are developing marketplaces of the future for the target woman. 25 years of professional experience in the fashion industry. Experience in development of brands and companies, as well as restructuring.

Have We Forgotten the Customer? The Necessary Fashion Retail Revolution

Fashion retail is an industry in trouble. Mass consumption is declining, female customers are not having expectations met. We need a revolution.

This is true for many companies in the fashion industry. Mass consumption is receding and it’s not only Wöhrl, Gerry Weber and Tom Tailor finding themselves in the entrepreneur’s trap. A good example of this are beacons – an application to send digital coupons or invites to customers passing by. It turned out, that this app is basically unknown to customers. Another is virtual shop windows.