Maximilian Gellert

Maximilian Gellert is excited about transforming a wide range of digital options into pragmatic every-day solutions for retailers. Combining consulting experience with industry functions in premium apparel and online grocery, he is currently working on a digital market study in addition to starting his own business.

Driving Customer Loyalty with Membership Programmes

Growth rates in online retail are slowing down. Successful brands are increasing customer loyalty and per customer spend by focusing on membership programmes.

Zalando has just announced its loyalty programme Zalando Plus as one of their key initiatives for 2019, and Amazon Prime has been present in every other US household in 2018. The concept of loyalty programmes, however, is not new. (more…)

Why the Netherlands Have Become a Last Mile Innovation Lab & What We Can Learn From It

Parcel costs are on the rise and customers disapprove of growing numbers of delivery vans on the streets. As a result, cities and the logistics industry are piloting alternative solutions in last mile innovation.

The Online Boom Drives Parcel Volume

The ongoing boom in ordering goods online has led to a boom in the logistics industry in the Netherlands with 295 million packages delivered (plus 30% compared to 2015).  However, it is only now that consumers have begun to complain about the high number of delivery vans clogging up the narrow streets of Amsterdam.