Online Market Expansion

Financial planning teams are gearing up for next year’s budget planning as well as the new three-year plan. Our new short series walks you trough different considerations and scenarios for each channel. ….. click for more inspiration

Customer Acquisition Online: Challenges and Opportunities for Brands

Building a successful e-commerce business requires a strong online customer acquisition strategy, especially when the competition are big platforms like Amazon or Zalando. How can brands leverage their strengths to compete? ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Financial Budgeting – Ideas and Best Practices for Your Next Budget

Moving from retail to ecom to omnichannel, sound financial budgeting is ever more important for brands today. In this article we share some key learnings to help your teams plan better during the upcoming budget season. ….. click for more inspiration

Spain & Portugal on the Brand Horizon

Is it time for brand expansion to Spain and Portugal? The economic outlook for the Iberian peninsula is currently boosting the confidence of international brands retailers on the lookout for new opportunities. ….. click for more inspiration

How to Compare Store Performance of a Retail Portfolio in Pandemic Times

Retail executives often struggle to objectively evaluate the store performance of their portfolio due to changing market dynamics and consumer behaviours pre- and post-Covid. The good old Footfall Utilization Index (FUI) might be of help. ….. click for more inspiration

Make the World Greta Again: How Sustainable Is Your Brand & Retail Really?

Please excuse the pun, I just had to make it to grab your attention. I want you, and I want your engagement. To read and perhaps share this article, but much more importantly to make sustainability a wholehearted  top priority in 2020. ….. click for more inspiration

Tom’s – A Brand Future Store in London

California footwear brand TOMS launched its first London store, that’s well balanced in brand and commercial needs. We assess the store and its features. ….. click for more inspiration

7 Good Reasons for Weekend Quality Reading

Thank you to all of our readers for helping us grow over the last 12 months. Choose two of this selection of brand growth quality reading for your weekend inspiration! ….. click for more inspiration

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