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Brand Wholesale Distribution – 7 Key Trends that Shape the Future

This is a post about a perfect storm, 1.000 Lighthouses, the loss of retail’s puppy protection, and why wholesale brand distribution is far more alive than most think. ….. click for more inspiration

A New Paradigm for European Retail?

European markets are shifting. How can European brand retail learn from the past to navigate current trends and challenges and sustain future-proof growth? ….. click for more inspiration

The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

We believe that a 1000 minds can help paint a more accurate picture of what the future in brand distribution could look like. Please share your perspective on the future in brand distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

3D Fashion Design: How to Lead Supply Chains to Digital Transformation

Is your product development team ready to present the new FW-2021 collection using 3D tools? To design fashion collections using virtual prototypes is no longer best practice in sourcing but increasingly becoming standard. ….. click for more inspiration

What’s Hot in Global Market Expansion

Global market expansion as a strategic project is constantly evolving. What are the latest trends in terms of country mix, location, and digital disruption? ….. click for more inspiration

These 3 Quick Wins Increase Sell-through and Push Gross Margin

Traditional retail landscapes are undergoing disruptive changes. Many brands that used to invest in own retail are currently reshaping their portfolio and closing down stores. At the same time, brands face the challenge of identifying ways to improve the Like-4-Like performance for their remaining points of sale (POS). This post introduces 3 low-cost options how to push sell-through, reduce mark-downs and improve Gross Margin. ….. click for more inspiration

Let’s Talk About Brand Culture

Culture is the very embodiment of a brand’s values, ethics and purpose. This installment of our Let’s Talk About series dissects brand culture, the third pillar of the brand experience sweet spot. ….. click for more inspiration

The Local Customisation of International Lifestyle Brands

The growing consumer trend of individualisation is counteracted by the global uniformity of international players. What can international lifestyle brands do to benefit from local customisation? ….. click for more inspiration

Inspirational Summer Break

Lockdowns, home office, home schooling, re-opening, health restrictions, more lockdowns, and now open again, but for how long? ….. click for more inspiration

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