Let’s Talk About Product

Clear brand delivery is the ‘sweet spot’ that enables brands to stand out and succeed in a crowded marketplace. It’s built on three pillars: product, services and culture. Today, we talk about how products shape brand experience and how a brand’s product experience creates meaningful connections with consumers. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Conversion Rates: Made in Saudi Arabia

Retail conversion rates vary and are heavily influenced by the quality of traffic and consumer shopping modes. This post offers examples and insights. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Sales and Distribution 2020: New Ways to Drive International Growth

Overall brand growth remains mostly dynamic in 2019. But as financial reports show, growth rates have decreased for many. Be it in the US or in Europe, especially domestic-bound retailers and brands stumble. ….. click for more inspiration

Global Retail Best Practice 2019

The likes of Amazon and Alibaba open tech-heavy brick & mortar stores, but best practice commercial brand retail still happens elsewhere. ….. click for more inspiration

Abercrombie – the Beach Models are Gone, It’s All Down to the Business Model

If you are a great brand and plan to grow in international retail, make sure you have a competitive brand business model. It takes more than six packs to be successful. ….. click for more inspiration

A Unique Store Map

With your next travel coming up, maybe a good chance to discover new brands and visit unique stores. If you go to established retail destinations ….. click for more inspiration

Six Insider Retail Spots for Brand Expansion in Germany

For store expansion in Germany, international brands can find smart alternatives to mainstream areas and worn-out pavements. Here are six examples. ….. click for more inspiration

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Special Edition: Digital Distribution

We’ve come a long way from early computer networks to the networked world we operate in today. The brand and retail industry may have been a late bloomer, but the past decade or so has seen a veritable explosion of developments in digital distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

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