The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

We believe that a 1000 minds can help paint a more accurate picture of what the future in brand distribution could look like. Please share your perspective on the future in brand distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Restructuring in 20 Minutes

LEGO’s recovery from bankruptcy is a most convincing example of brand restructuring. In an excellent 20 min interview LEGO’s CEO explains how they did it. ….. click for more inspiration

Research For Brand Store Growth? Retail Expansion Software May Help!

Looking for retail expansion that really works? A smart software may be one tool out of many to find the perfect store location for your brand. ….. click for more inspiration

Future in Brand Wholesale Distribution: The Cash Cow is dead. Long live the Cash Cow.

Wholesale distribution changes in warp speed. Despite all D2C hype, wholesale is still brands’ favourite channel. Here is how to prepare for change ….. click for more inspiration

eCommerce Photography: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

With the rise of eCommerce, the importance of visual media has increased. Some best practices for successful eCommerce photography. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Portfolio Management: Store Staff Performance

While excellent staff and service are what distinguishes brick and mortar from online retailers, staff performance is often overlooked in store evaluations. Two new KPIs to the rescue! ….. click for more inspiration

India’s Retail Post Covid: Old Normal As The New Normal

It seems like everything changed because of Covid-19, but it may not in India – in fact, it could be “business as usual” by the end of 2021 ….. click for more inspiration

Can New Business Models Help Save the US Retail Marketplace?

Retailers and landlords are scrambling to figure out how to survive as consumers have accelerated the shift to e-commerce. Will they be able to reinvent themselves or become one of the many businesses weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic? ….. click for more inspiration

Brand & Retail Management Must Reads

Keep up to date with our round-up of brand and retail management must reads! Discover the latest trends in drone delivery, assortment and marketplace KPIs, omnichannel retail, and concessions! ….. click for more inspiration

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