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Clear brand delivery is the ‘sweet spot’ that enables brands to stand out and succeed in a crowded marketplace. It’s built on three pillars: product, services and culture. Today, we talk about how products shape brand experience and how a brand’s product experience creates meaningful connections with consumers. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Performance: I Like Like for Like – I don’t Like Like for Like

Is there any evidence for a correlation between like for like retail performance reporting and growth success in the day and age of the internet? Our expert authors debate the pros and cons. ….. click for more inspiration

Yes, the Italian Market Is on the Rise Again!

Milan’s CityLife Project, dm’s expansion to the Italian retail market and Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery plans indicate a revival of the Italian market. ….. click for more inspiration

Freitag: Brand Development Made in Switzerland

In 2019, shoppers love unique products and great brand stories. If on top of that you sell upcycled products and are a niche company from a small country, you have all the ingredients for a memorable brand story. Learn how Freitag excels at brand development. ….. click for more inspiration

Driving Customer Lifetime Value with Brand Loyalty Programs

Growth rates in online retail are slowing down. Successful brands increase customer loyalty and per customer spend by focusing on membership programmes. ….. click for more inspiration

A Unique Store Map

With your next travel coming up, maybe a good chance to discover new brands and visit unique stores. If you go to established retail destinations ….. click for more inspiration

Suitsupply – Achieving Brand Growth Through Courage, Innovation and Passion

The young Dutch brand for formal men’s wear, Suitsupply, wins globally by combining European tailoring culture with modern lifestyle. A fan report. ….. click for more inspiration

International Expansion – How to Find the Best Distribution Model?

Selecting the most appropriate channel mix – using the optimal distribution model for any new market – is like finding your way in a multidimensional ….. click for more inspiration

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Special Edition: Digital Distribution

We’ve come a long way from early computer networks to the networked world we operate in today. The brand and retail industry may have been a late bloomer, but the past decade or so has seen a veritable explosion of developments in digital distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

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