The Future in Brand Distribution – in Search of a 1000 Minds

We believe that a 1000 minds can help paint a more accurate picture of what the future in brand distribution could look like. Please share your perspective on the future in brand distribution. ….. click for more inspiration

Going Benelux? Done right, a growth opportunity for brands and retailers

What are the challenges and opportunities of brand expansion to Benelux? Learn how to best tap the full potential of the Benelux retail markets. ….. click for more inspiration

D2C: It’s All About Tech

Software tools bring your D2C strategy to life. Learn which D2C tools are key to consider in this overview. ….. click for more inspiration

Digitalisation Is the Face Mask of Your Physical Retail Business

Introduce digital business processes in your retail stores to cope with the negative effects of Covid-19 on footfall. Continue reading for a few best practice examples. ….. click for more inspiration

How to Measure Staff Motivation: The Big Unknown

Staff motivation is notoriously difficult to capture. This article shows how to combine Footfall Utilisation Index with Staffing Index  to truly measure staff motivation. ….. click for more inspiration

Evolution of Store Design

Retail as we know it is dead. That much is certain. But for brands that place the human at the centre of their world, there is much hope for the store of the future. ….. click for more inspiration

Tom’s – A Brand Future Store in London

California footwear brand TOMS launched its first London store, that’s well balanced in brand and commercial needs. We assess the store and its features. ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Processes & Operations for Retail Managers

While everyone talks about growing online sales, offline retail still makes up the vast majority of consumption. This special edition offers inspiration and guidance on process & operations for retail managers in this context. ….. click for more inspiration

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