Top Sporting Goods Brands Not Fit for Cross Channel Experience

“Most brands are pretty bad at cross channel experience.” That was the conclusion I came to during a recent online-offline study tour of London sporting brand stores. ….. click for more inspiration

Post Pandemic is pre next Crisis – Revise your Brand Growth Strategy and Planning in 2022

Brand markets have changed fundamentally post covid, post Ukraine war. This growth stategy update is an inspirational reminder to review brand distribution strategies weeks ahead of your planning and budgeting. ….. click for more inspiration

Engaging Associates: Best Practice Retail Operations at Polo Ralph Lauren

Your KPIs, dashboard and performance management are in place, but your retail operations are missing that final touch? This best practice story shows how new technologies can help you win at associate engagement too. ….. click for more inspiration

Going Benelux? Done right, a growth opportunity for brands and retailers

What are the challenges and opportunities of brand expansion to Benelux? Learn how to best tap the full potential of the Benelux retail markets. ….. click for more inspiration

Staff Cost Reduction Ahead

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has store traffic take deep dips. As retailers look at staff cost reduction to minimise the negative effect on their bottom line, this article provides insights beyond a simple staff cost vs. sales ratio. ….. click for more inspiration

The “Next Normal”: Rethinking The Brand Business Model

Despite this short-term impact, Covid has only accelerated existing long-term trends. Here, we rethink the Brand Business Model to fit the “Next Normal” ….. click for more inspiration

War for Talent: Recruiting Post-Covid

Recruiting is picking up again – a clear indication that, at least economically, we’re beginning to see the end of the pandemic. Across the board, companies are looking for skilled workers. ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has been on brands and retailers’ radar for decades. In some cases the strategic alignment with CSR was a true commitment to corporate ethics and positive change, in others a device to boost public opinion and employer marketing. ….. click for more inspiration

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