Brand Distribution via Digital Marketplaces – What Business Model is Right for You?

Brand distribution via digital marketplaces requires new skills and systems. This post argues that you need to be clear about your digital B2C readiness to decide how to best execute. ….. click for more inspiration

Is your Outlet Strategy Princess or Cinderella?

Outlets are brands’ most profitable retail distribution, and the only brick & mortar still growing. We shed a light on the outlet strategy of successful brands. ….. click for more inspiration

eCommerce Photography: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

With the rise of eCommerce, the importance of visual media has increased. Some best practices for successful eCommerce photography. ….. click for more inspiration

Topshop Left, Where Does That Leave Brand Expansion to New Zealand?

After Topshop and Topman have permanently closed shop in New Zealand, is New Zealand still a viable option for international brand expansion? ….. click for more inspiration

Hit Rate and Bestseller Assessment: How to Empower Your Retail Assortment Planning and Allocation

Improving the hit rate and bestseller management are essential elements of retail assortment planning and allocation. Learn how to fully understand your bestsellers and how they affect your hit rate to make optimal use of your resources. ….. click for more inspiration

Evolution of Store Design II

A deep dive into how brands can best appropriate their spend and decipher how intangible elements of a brand’s identity can be rolled out across store formats and concepts to create clarity of brand, irrespective of size or location of the store. ….. click for more inspiration

Tom’s – A Brand Future Store in London

California footwear brand TOMS launched its first London store, that’s well balanced in brand and commercial needs. We assess the store and its features. ….. click for more inspiration

Recovery Scenarios for the Brand & Retail Industry

While the pandemic is far from over, our 2021 has started on a constructive note with many contributors sharing their insights on what recovering from this crisis could look like across the brand and retail industry. ….. click for more inspiration

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