Ecom Real Talk: A Deep Dive on Marketplaces for Fashion

Selling on marketplaces is no longer an ‘if’ question, but has become a ‘when and how’. A deep dive into the structure of online marketplaces for fashion. ….. click for more inspiration

The Past, Present and Future of the Outlet Industry

The first FSP Outlet Industry Breakfast was a great success. It gave an overview of the expansion of the outlet industry over the past years and offered a preview for 2017 and 2018. ….. click for more inspiration

Why Sustainabilization Is Taking Too Long: The Missing Link

Sustainabilization is the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced. There are many innovative ideas, but how can we maximize their effect? ….. click for more inspiration

140 Global Top Retail Cities: A Strategic Overview

If you work in global retail, JLLs annual overview of the top 240 retailers in the top retail cities is one of our ‘must read’ for brand strategists. ….. click for more inspiration

Hit Rate and Bestseller Assessment: How to Empower Your Retail Assortment Planning and Allocation

Improving the hit rate and bestseller management are essential elements of retail assortment planning and allocation. Learn how to fully understand your bestsellers and how they affect your hit rate to make optimal use of your resources. ….. click for more inspiration

The “Next Normal”: Rethinking The Brand Business Model

Despite this short-term impact, Covid has only accelerated existing long-term trends. Here, we rethink the Brand Business Model to fit the “Next Normal” ….. click for more inspiration

Offline Retail: Get Out of the Comfort Zone!

An open letter to all offline retailers who need to attract new customers in the face of growing online competition (if you’re not too tired for a pillow fight). ….. click for more inspiration

2021 will see the biggest consumer recovery of all time – says Prof. Niall Ferguson

If you look on the bright side, 2020 has cleared up many doubts on the future of business. Recap our learnings here ….. click for more inspiration

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