Brand Distribution via Digital Marketplaces – What Business Model is Right for You?

Brand distribution via digital marketplaces requires new skills and systems. This post argues that you need to be clear about your digital B2C readiness to decide how to best execute. ….. click for more inspiration

The Rise of Shopping Centre M&As

A recent flurry of shopping centre mergers and acquisition (M&A) could be set to alter the state of play in the industry as an increasing number of bigger groups take hold. This post explores what these shopping centre mergers mean for the sector and what conditions gave rise to them. ….. click for more inspiration

Brands in Stormy Weather – Beyond Retail Lease Management !

Is your major store closure scare just behind you, or is it yet to come? How do you maintain a healthy lease management? ….. click for more inspiration

How to Drive International Expansion Without Escalating Complexity

Customise or standardise? That’s perhaps the most important question a brand at the beginning of its international expansion has to answer. Depending on who you ask, you will get very different answers. ….. click for more inspiration

Retail Portfolio Assessment: The Good Ones Into the Pot, the Bad Ones Into Your Crop

What tools are available to help brands choose their most promising retail locations, and identify the not so promising ones? Let’s mobilise some unusual KPIs! ….. click for more inspiration

Introducing The Store of the Future

We expand on the article series with ‘The Store of the Future’. A thought-provoking six-part series exploring the evolution of store design. We look at the concepts and techniques premium and luxury brands are using today, to stay ahead of the curve tomorrow. ….. click for more inspiration

CO2 emissions – the final blow for retail stores?

Offline fashion purchases lead to 3x more emissions than those made online. Could this lead to a paradigm shift for both consumers and the fashion industry? ….. click for more inspiration

Special Edition: Going Global

International expansion has traditionally been slow, expensive and high risk. But to many brands and retailers, the opportunities in going global remain compelling. This special edition examines how to do it right. ….. click for more inspiration

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