Buzzword Check: Metaverse, NFTs, Digital Fashion and Web3

Do you believe the hype around web 3.0 or are you a little sceptical? In a nutshell, Stefan Wenzel sees no reason to bury our head in the sand but advises we don’t fly too close to the sun either. ….. click for more inspiration

How to Manage Successful Brand Post-Merger Integration

Far over 100 lifestyle brands are taken over every year. While a majority of post-merger integrations fail, here’s what the successful ones have in common. ….. click for more inspiration

That One Perfect Day: How UGG Solves the Ice Cream Problem

Thanksgiving in the US, Ramadan in the Middle East, Christmas, or simply next Saturday: high traffic days define the brand store operations winners. Here’s how UGG does it. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand Distribution: Why Now Is the Time for Mexico

Reaching a realistic assessment of Mexico’s brand distribution potential. ….. click for more inspiration

The Price is Right, Right?

Pricing strategy remains a timely topic. Learn how to make sound research-based decisions when lowering or increasing your prices.  ….. click for more inspiration

Let’s Talk About Product

Clear brand delivery is the ‘sweet spot’ that enables brands to stand out and succeed in a crowded marketplace. It’s built on three pillars: product, services and culture. Today, we talk about how products shape brand experience and how a brand’s product experience creates meaningful connections with consumers. ….. click for more inspiration

Growth in Saturated Markets: Dreams in Chocolate and Ice Cream!

Selling chocolate in Europe is tough because growth in saturated markets is tough. Three case studies show how chocolate manufacturers grow successfully by diversifying their assortment. ….. click for more inspiration

Brand & Retail Management: Our Hot Topics of 2021

We’ve curated our 2021 favourites in brand and retail management for you. Topics include flagship retail, D2C, online expansion, 3D design as well as exciting new distribution models. ….. click for more inspiration

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